How to beat the bag tax

One of the biggest changes in retail across the UK and Ireland has been the disposable bag tax.
The problems caused by disposable bags are well documented, including increased carbon emissions, problems with litter & landfill, and the damage to marine life.
Fortunately the bag tax – which was specifically introduced to change behaviours – has led to a 90% reduction in single use bags. This in turn has helped create a cleaner, greener environment, and encouraged all of us to think more carefully about how we use our resources.
That’s great news, but at an individual level it has created a new problem. What do we do when we forget our bag? Not to mention the inconvenience of lugging around several large jute totes before we even reach the shops.
Fortunately a solution is at hand with the Flip & Tumble 24/7 reusable bag. Designed in the golden state, and available in 10 different colours, these compactable shopping bags exude Californian cool.
As the name implies, the 24/7 can be used anywhere at any time. Each bag is made from recycled PET (that’s short for polyethylene terephthalate, a special food safe plastic that can be recycled again and again) which is very light and very strong.
The material is also extremely compactable. Each bag will fold to roughly the size of a peach and, perhaps uniquely, has a strong double fold to keep it firmly in place. This makes it really easy to use. Simply pop one in your handbag or pocket, and next time you make an impulse buy, or pick up some last minute groceries, the handy 24/7 will be there to help. Its convenient, environmentally friendly, and tax free.
With this blend of superior function and design it is no surprise then that the trusty 24/7 has been expanded into a whole range of colourful compactable products, from cross body backs to backpacks; not to mention the popular travel pouches, produce bags and bulk food bags. Exclusively imported from California all the products are available at Oscar & Joy, Holywood, or online

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