Charcoal filters

Charcoal filters

Charcoal filters

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It may seem counter intuitive to purify your drinking water with a stick of charcoal, but it makes your tap water taste great!
It adds minerals such as calcium and removes chemicals such as chlorine. You can pop it into any water bottle, jug or other holder you have and it lasts for 6 months! When you have finished using your charcoal as a water filter, it still has many secondary uses. If you break it up and put it in your house plants, it will add nutrients to the soil that will help the plant to grow. Due to its porous surface, it can be used as a deodorizer to remove unwanted odors in your cat litter, laundry basket, nappy bin or shoes. Charcoal is also an effective moisture absorbent and can help absorb humidity in the air if placed in a wardrobe. It features 100% natural wood, makes tap water taste great, each filter lasts up to 6 months and with a recharge by boiling after 3 months, fits in any water bottle or jug, helps the planet by not buying bottled water and saves money by avoiding bottled water.

Size: 11.8cm high, 2.5cm wide approx

Oscar & Joy - Bringing Design to Life

Having lived in London for many years, a number of which were near the Design Museum, it was always an inspiration to visit the museum, but equally, much pleasure was had from visiting the shop!  Continually full of interesting, clever, well-designed products (as you’d expect!).  Even walking past the museum shop on the way to work, it was always a joy to see what was in their ever changing window displays.

Fast forward a number of years, 2 kids later (their middle names are Oscar & Joy), and we’d decided it was time to move back to our beautiful homeland of Ireland.

With no experience of owning or running a shop, but a desire to bring some of the products and designs we’d loved in London, to the beautiful coastal town of Holywood in Co Down where we’d settled, we embarked on the journey of “Oscar & Joy”.

Our strapline “Bringing Design to Life” was our starting point when we first opened our store in April 2015.  The aim was simple – to showcase and sell products which not only have great design, but ones that can be used, appreciated and be central to everyday life.

The store has expanded and our ranges grown over the years, but underlying the choice of every product we choose to sell, are a number of key themes we consider:

  • Design
  • Quality
  • Value
  • Practicality
  • Sustainability
  • Difference
  • Choice
  • Fun

These factors all come together to hopefully bring you a range of products that have been carefully chosen, with a view to bringing good design to everyday life.  Whether that is in choosing which dish washing brush or travel mug we stock, to the choice of larger interior items we stock, we hope you will appreciate good design in your life, as much as we do.

We source our products from all over the world: - California, Canada, Denmark, Germany, Portugal, Italy, Ireland, UK, Belgium, France, Sweden, Japan and more.

Whether you’re looking for something for your home, yourself, or as a gift, we hope you’ll find something that will bring you / them joy and everyday pleasure.

Our online store has only a small selection of what we stock.  You’ll have to visit our store to appreciate the full range (if you can).  If perhaps you've already visited our store, and have seen something in person, or on our social media that isn’t on webstore, do just get in touch and we’ll be happy to help.  We can even offer you a virtual shop via a facetime call, something that proved popular during lockdown!  

Happy shopping!

Heather x



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