Stelton EM77 1litre vacuum jug

First created in 1977 by Eric Magnussen, the Stelton vacuum jug has become a design classic. Fashioned from contemporary grey thermoplastic, the jug has a 1 litre double lined inner flask that will keep your beverages hot or cold. The innovative lid will automatically open and pour when you tip the jug, and will close again when upright.

Vacuum flasks are a stylish and practical way to serve tea or coffee. It is particularly popular in Scandinavia, who are pioneers of so many facets of contemporary lifestyle. Simple brew the tea and coffee as normal, transfer to the vacuum flask for serving, and then enjoy a second cup that is still piping hot. Don't serve tea or coffee that is cold and overbrewed. Instead delight your guests and serve in style with Stelton!

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