Normann Copenhagen tea egg

Red Dot Design Award 2013

Tea egg is a functional tea infuser made of silicone and designed by the Danish design company Made by Makers. Tea egg is quick to brew a warm cup of tea for those everyday cozy moments.

These festive tea infusers are available in six different colors which can be used to accentuate the type of tea being served. At the same time, the different colors make it easy to tell which type of tea each guest is given. Use the black tea egg, for example, for serving a classic earl grey or the deep pink tea egg for a mild, warm rooibos.

With its simple design the tea infuser is easy to clean by means of its two, dishwasher-friendly parts.

  • Material: silicone
  • Size: D 4.3cm H 19.5cm
  • Weight: 28 g
  • Suitable for dishwasher
  • Available in grey, black, blue, mint, rose and pink.

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