Hario V60 coffee dripper

After much trial and error the Japanese discovered that a V shape provided the ultimate way to extract rich coffee saturation. With Hario's iconic V60 three major factors come together to make an outstanding product: the V shaped cone; interior ridges, and a large hole in the middle. This trifecta combination proved time and time again to deliver distinctive coffee aroma, fragrance and flavorful aftertaste.

The V60 Dripper in clear plastic is a pragmatic and cost effective version. It has an identical design to other V60's, with iconic cone and spiral ribs, while the clear plastic has the added advantage of letting you see when the cup is full. This value for money version may not have the same heat retention and immutability of glass or ceramic, but it is lightweight and better suited for travelling.

The dripper comes in 2 sizes - the compact V01, which is perfect for 1-2 cups, and the larger V02 which will make 1-4 cups. It is recommended that Hario V01 or Hario V02 filter papers are used with this product.

•Plastic lightweight body
•VO1 capacity for 1 to 2 cups or VO2 capacity for 1 to 4 Cups
•How to brew manual
•Measuring spoon (holds 12g of coffee)

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